Painting Plans for 2017

      Summer is here! The days are long, sunny and bright with the sun setting after 8:20pm. All this is perfectly suited to begin the painting season. This year it started on June first for me when I planned to make four paintings. The main theme for painting this year is sculptural forms from the plant kingdom. Below you can see a quick painting showing the sculptural quality of a Hostas leaf in early Spring.

IMG_7880 Left: Sculptural leaf of Hostas

      So far I have completed two paintings with:

  • Hostas leaves: Five new species in many new shades of green!
  • Peony buds: in different stages of evolution, bursting with the energy of the season and one fully bloomed Peony with sculptural petal formation.

Below you can see their conceptual sketches and the range of colors at play.

IMG_7879 Left: Conceptual sketches and colors

Besides this two more paintings are in the pipeline:

All of these are being made with the intention of using them on products such as mugs etc. They shall appear in this blog thereafter. On a separate note, recently I finished reading a lovely book. Coming soon a review of the same titled ‘Glorious Writers with Gorgeous Gardens’. Until then, happy Summer and happy painting!



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