Leafy Glory in Chartreuse

      Here is another post to celebrate gardening and Summer. To soften the threshold between a stone pathway and a flower bed, I decided to plant a row of Hostas. They used to grow in a shaded zone of my garden and with multiple shoots it was time to thin them out for propagation. So two years back a few tender saplings were planted where they also received ample sun. Below you can see the row of Hostas in June and July.

June, 2017
July, 2017

      Although it is a shade loving perennial, a sunny spot does it no harm. Much to my delight the sun has played magic with the chemistry of its colors. So, instead of just shades of green, now there are lovely gradations of chartreuse (see below)!

Above: Top View
Right: Leaves in Profile

They have matured beautifully and now the garden is charged with leafy glory in chartreuse. Now I plan to mirror this image on the other side of the pathway by propagating in Spring next year. There is no such thing as too much Hostas!

      On a separate note, the shades of chartreuse are so vibrant with life that they have inspired me to make yet one more painting of Hostas leaves for a mug in the future. From planting to painting to plans for a product….what a lovely current of life.



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– Valerie Easton


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