Poetry and Sculpture by Hibiscus

      This Summer I have been busy painting sculptural forms in the plant kingdom. Many Summers back I was busy writing poems. This year when I look at the Hibiscus blooms in my garden, it seems that they are doing both simultaneously. So here is a series of photographs that convey the poem in action.

In the beginning there was one (see 1 below)

then there were two (see 2 below)

and soon the family grew. (see 3 below)

Here is the next generation (see 4 below)

and this is the result of a full
Summer of procreation!
(see 5 below)

1.  1H
2. 2H
3. 3H
   4. 4H
  5. 5H

      As for painting sculptural forms, look at the buds closely (see 4 above). They consist of layers of petals overlapping each other in a spiral formation. The colors are cool, summery with deep tones hidden inside conveying depth and mystery. Nice to capture a beautiful moment from the present. Cheers to the poetry and sculpture by  Hibiscus!



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In the hopes of reaching the moon, men fail to see the flowers that blossom at their feet.

– Albert Schweitzer


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