Architect Writes a Book of Short Stories

The target audience for this book includes:

  • Non-resident Indians (especially in USA).
  • Educated women all over the world.
  • People in creative fields e.g. architects, artists, engineers etc.
  • The urban youth in India who make up to 39% of India’s population (over one billion) and wish to learn about India’s brain drain.
  • Culturally open-minded Americans and Europeans.
  • Professionals who work in a field where there is a confluence of technology and humanities e.g. employees of Apple, Pixar, Google etc.

As this book’s author, publicist and spokesperson, Ms. Dalal has been giving talks about it at different organizations and forums; so as to create awareness about it and generate an interest in it. You may take a look inside this book here. If your organization consists of its target audience (any one or more of the above categories) and would like to learn more about it, then please leave a message below.



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