Reviews of: The Watercolor of Life

This page is being set up to share the official reviews of my book titled ‘ THE WATERCOLOR OF LIFE ‘ with the world.

1. Nov.26, 2012

Reviewed by Ms.Neeta Nabar who is the editor of MMNY‘s web magazine. Although the book is in English, this review is in Marathi, which is also my mother tongue (see the two pages below).

2. Reviews on Amazon.

3. Review in Reading Bee, a journal based in UK for Asian women. This book topped the list of ‘top five reads’ and has stayed in this position for many months now.

readbeereview1 readbeereview2

4. I’m reading your lovely book and enjoying each fabulous story! – A. Faranda

5. Congratulations – You have achieved something that I have been wanting to do for a long time but haven’t had the courage/time/determination to do yet ! So you may have inspired me as well.

Very well written with a great view into feelings of cultural displacements with the stories set in India/US and if I remember a small detour into London as well. – Rohit Mathur
Book_Review_01 Book_Review_02

6. A page from India New England News about my book.


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