Top Twenty Posts & Pages

To those among you who are new to this blog, here is a list of the top twenty posts and pages.  It will give you  a glimpse into the most popular articles.

1. Nursery School Design – 10,255 hits (This has also been translated in Urdu and two languages (one and two) foreign to me).  It gets ‘hits’ everyday!

2. Democratic race in red and yellow colors – 4,220 hits

3. The life cycle of a sunflower – 2,266 hits

4. Programming for a Nursery School – 1,796 hits (the new rising star, with hits everyday

5. From Mother India to Indra Nooyi – 1,769 hits ( It has also been translated in four languages.  Here they are: in Hindi, Chinese, Portuguese, Urdu and a language foreign to me.) It has been published in a magazine as well 🙂

6. Architecture – 1,286 hits

7. Wild Grass – 1,243 hits

8. Lily Trees: An Investment Update – 1,040 hits

9. Concept for a nature inspired stadium design – 996 hits (one of my favorites, it has also been translated in Urdu and Bahasa )

10.  Sun dappled paintings by mother nature – 973 hits

11.  Top twenty posts & pages – 833 hits

12. Cheese Plant Leaf – 635 hits

13. Watercolor painting – 622 hits

14. White Peonies: 598 hits

15. Indian Corinthian: 565 hits

16. Rang De Basanti – 565 hits

17. Lucknowi Fern – 538 hits

18. Introduction – 517 hits

19. Synopsis of the book – 501 hits (This has been translated in Chinese as well) 🙂

20. Reflections of life – 488 hits ( This was the top ranking post for almost a year!) 🙂

This list was made on June 18th, 2009. It will be updated once a month.


P.S. Last updated on February 16th, 2017.


If you don’t keep scores, you are just practising.

– Michael Jordon


  1. Great info, thanks for useful article. I am waiting for more.

    1. Zaklady,

      Thanks and welcome to Creative Joys. Normally I post one article each week, on this blog. Currently I am on vacation and will resume blogging in September, 2010. Till then feel free to browse around and read the old posts.


  2. Extra Reading…

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    1. Thank you for honoring my blog with your attention.


  3. I have recently added this webpage to my feed reader, excellent stuff. Can’t get enough!

  4. […] For all new comers to this blog: Top Twenty Posts & Pages […]

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